Angela Neeleman


United States of America


BS Degree in Women's Studies, Juris Doctorate


Angela Neeleman has pracitced bankruptcy law for 14 years. She did her undergraduate work at the University of Washington and received her Juris Doctorate degree from California Western University in 2005.  Ms. Neeleman is an accomplished bankruptcy attorney and settlement negotiator.. Ms. Neeleman is a problem solver who instantly relates to clients and helps them develop a solid plan to deal with the most complex issues. .  

At NEELEMAN LAW GROUP we help good people through tough times.

Using a state of the art video connection you can meet and talk with with Angela Neeleman at a time that works for you. During your appointment Angela will give you a basic overview of bankruptcy and answer any questions you have regarding what to expect. If, after talking with Angela, you chose to move forward she will provide you with materials that will further explain the process and help you assemble the documentation necessary to get the job done right.

So if you are a business or an individual facing creditor issues, schedule an on line appointment today.

60 mins